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Recent Sermons

On this page are recent sermons from our Sunday morning worship services. Older browsers may not display the built-in audio players for each sermon. If you don't see them, click Download to play them on your computer's default media player.

The Prophecy That Wasn't a Scam What makes the prophecies of Jesus' birth different from others like the Mayan Apocalypse? Besides actually coming true, they point us to God and His love for us, not on a failed prophet.

Sin, Sodium and the Spirit Christians are called to be "the salt of the world", but isn't salt bad for you? Actually it's a preservative, and we are to be preserved by the Spirit from this world's temptations and trappings.

Archived Sermons

We have an archive of over 70 sermons organized by subject, dating from 2003 to the present. Speakers include pastors Mason Okubo, Carl Nelson and Larry Alb; Sunday School director Kay Okubo, church elder Leroy Hotz, and teachers Eileen Scheidler and Mary Lopez.

The sermons are organized below by subject (Subject 1 and Subject 2, respectively). You can scroll down the list and search the pages for a title of interest. You can also do filtered and keyword searches by the below methods:

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