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Sermons on Grief and Loss

In remembranceOn Friday, December 14, 2012 a gunman opened fire on a classroom at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut. As of that afternoon over 26 people were confirmed dead, including 18 children and six adults. One of those adults was the gunman himself. This unspeakable tragedy occured just days after another shooting at a shopping mall in Clackamas County, Oregon.

Why do these things happen, especially when a victim is a follower of Jesus Christ or an innocent child? If there really is a God who loves us, why doesn't He intervene and stop the perpetrators of these massacres?

There are no easy answers to these raw, emotional questions that rock the faith of even the strongest Christians. We do not claim to have all the answers, but over the years visitors to our site have come to the below sermons from our library that deal with grief, loss, and natural disasters from a Christian and biblical perspective. We present them again with the hope that the Holy Spirit will comfort and aid you in grappling with these real issues.

A Hope of Renewal
Life is not defined by the sufferings we endure. God can bring good out of evil situations. That is the focus of this message that was delivered one week after the devastating Asian tsunami of 2004.
Jan 2, 2005

One Word Shall Fell Him
Demonic activity is real. But so is the One who has already defeated the devil once and for all at the cross. Pastor Okubo gives a thought-provoking sermon on Jesus healing the demon-possessed man in Luke 9.
June 24, 2007

From Death to Eternal Life
On All Saints' Sunday, when we remember brothers and sisters who have died in the faith, this message admits the reality of our loss in this life, offers a glimpse of what awaits us in heaven, and asks if we know where we're going after our own death.
Nov 6, 2005

Second Thoughts
Like John the Baptist, we can have second thoughts about Jesus. Second thoughts aren't bad--if they lead us away from false, unbiblical images of who Jesus really is.
Dec 17, 2006

When the Dark Hates the Light
Sometimes it's dangerous to bring the light of Christ to places where it's not wanted. Pastor Okubo teaches about the reality of persecution and God's strength to endure it with the story of an Iranian pastor who was killed for sharing his faith back home.
June 18, 2006

The Fellowship of Suffering
Like the apostle Paul, we will suffer for our faith. But because Jesus suffered too, He's got our back and will build our faith in the process.
Mar 25, 2007