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Articles: Bible Studies
Structure of Revelation notes from a Bible study by Pastor Carl Nelson

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Revelation is made up of three parts:

The bulk is the prophetic message consisting of an intro and three visions covering the same time period: from the Advent of Christ to His second coming.

Introduction (4:1-5:14) Sevenfold Vision 1 (6:1-8:5) — opening of seven seals Sevenfold Vision 2 — seven angels with trumpets

The Cosmic War Before the third sevenfold vision, there is a vision of the cosmic war between God and the dragon (12:1-14:20). This cosmic vision is the heart of Revelation. It reveals the cause of all the tribulation and suffering on earth and the final triumph of Christ's church.


It speaks of the defeat of the dragon and beast together with the end of the world (14:1-20). When child of woman is taken to heaven the dragon (Satan) and his angels are cast out of heaven. Unable to destroy the woman (the church) the dragon conjures up two beasts which war against the woman. This conflict occurs from ascension up to the end of the present world. This vision of the cosmic war concludes with defeat for the evil forces and victory of 144,000 at the end.

Vision 3 — pouring out of seven censers by angels