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Articles: Bible Studies
The Book of Jude notes from a Bible study by Pastor Carl Nelson

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Pastor Nelson, as guest pastor, gave an inductive, verse-by-verse study of the book of Jude from the New Testament.

In it, he referred to the Apocrypha, a series of books not included in the Holy Bible because the early church fathers concluded they were not divinely inspired. These books were, however, accepted by the Roman Catholic church and are included in the Catholic translation of the Bible.

Verse 1

Verses 2-3

Verse 4

Verses 5-6

Verse 7

Verse 9

Verses 10-11

Verses 12-13

Verses 14-15

Verses 16

Verses 17-19

Verse 20

Verse 21

Verses 22-23

Verse 24