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Articles: Family and Life
It's Like, You Know, I'm All... Submitted by Rich Rodriguez, from a sermon by Greg Laurie

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In reading the story of the birth of Christ, we tend to forget that the virgin Mary was most likely a teenage girl, as was portrayed in the 2006 movie The Nativity Story. In the summer of 2008 pastor and evangelist Greg Laurie of the Harvest Crusades joked about this on his daily radio program A New Beginning. As we all know, teenagers have their own way of talking, with words like "you know", "I'm all", and "shut up" (at least, those were the words used as of 2008). And Greg thought out loud what Mary would have sounded like talking about the visitation by the angel Gabriel fortelling our Lord's birth (Matthew 1:26-38) to her teenage friends:

To the teens reading this page, particularly the girls, don't kill me over this one 'cause like the angel dude Gabriel I'm like, just the messenger, okay?