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Al-Qaeda Fact Sheet from an outline by Pastor Mason Okubo

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This outline of the history and beliefs of the Al-Qaeda terrorist group was put together by Pastor Okubo from his own research and taught as part of a series on Islam for Immanuel First's adult Bible study on November 21, 2010.

Introduction The central theme of Pastor Okubo's teaching can be summarized in the following equation which he wrote on the whiteboard of the classroom:

Al-Qaeda ≠ Muslims ≠ Arabs

Al-Qaeda, Muslims and Arabs are NOT equal or identical to each other. Al-Qaeda terrorists are not true Muslims and do not represent all of Islam. Also, not all Muslims are Arabs, and not all Arabs are Muslims. There are many Arabs in the Middle East who are Christians, and in the West there are non-Arabs, including whites, who are Muslims.

Here is a list of relative populations:

Origins of Al-Qaeda The radical Islamist movement and al-Qaeda developed during the last three decades of the 20th century. It is rooted in the works of the Islamic author and thinker Sayyid Qutb. Qutb preached that because of the lack of sharia law, the Muslim world was no longer Muslim. To restore Islam, righteous Muslims needed to establish "true Islamic states", implement sharia, and rid the Muslim world of non-Muslim influences, such as concepts like socialism or nationalism.

Qutb's idea that "may who said they were Muslims were not" gave jihadists a legal loophole around the prohibition of killing another Muslim and rather made it a religious obligation to execute apostate Muslims. These alleged apostates included leaders of Muslim countries, since they failed to enforce sharia law.

Influental Al-Qaeda Leaders

Al-Qaeda Regional Groups

Strategy of Al-Qaeda

For a good article in the Washington Post on al-Qaeda strategy, see the article by Bruce Hoffman, professor of Security Studies at Georgetown University and senior fellow at the U.S. Military Academy's Combating Terrorism Center:

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